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El Refugio Foundation

Our Commitment

We take our ecological responsibility seriously. We've teamed up with Foundation El Refugio, a non-profit organization focused on the sustainable conservation of Colombia’s rich biodiversity. The organization provides safe refuge for animals that have been confiscated from illegal traders.


El Refugio Foundation

Colombia has very rich, mega-diverse and important ecosystems. Unfortunately, many of the flora and fauna present in Colombia’s ecosystems are endangered. Illegal wildlife trade is the third largest illegal market in Colombia, after drugs and arms. El Refugio Foundation provides a safe home for 127 confiscated animals representing 27 different species.  



By preserving an entire ecosystem within the city, the foundation protects endangered flora while also giving “wild visitors” a home and place to rest. Currently, the foundation provides shelter and medical care to 27 species of native wildlife confiscated by local authorities. Most of them are not only victims of crime but also in danger of extinction.



El Refugio Foundation believes that education is essential and indispensable for ecological conservation efforts. By educating as many people as possible today, they believe they will create sustainable solutions for a better future.

The foundation’s discovery jungle is the ideal environment to welcome pre-schools, schools classes, companies, locals and tourists to learn about Colombia’s precious, rich, but endangered biodiversity and the importance of its protection and conservation.

Guided tours and age-specific, interactive workshops are available and serve as a conscious reminder to the effects of human activity on the environment.


3% of every Thermogel sale is donated to El Refugio Foundation. Support El Refugio by purchasing Thermogel products here.