How It Works - Thermogel

How It Works


Thermogel is an invigorating body toning gel packed with natural ingredients that fight cellulite & promote smooth skin. Using natural botanical extracts and the highest quality ingredients, Thermogel hones in on problem areas and alleviates the appearance of subcutaneous fat aka cellulite.  For the ultimate cellulite-busting formula, use this trifecta.



Thermogel makes you sweat. Sweat is one of the most effective methods the body uses to get rid of any toxins. Thermogel ingredients like caffeine help to boost blood flow and encourage sweat.

Thermogel tightens & tones. The gel incorporates active ingredients that aid fat loss by activating circulation, removing subcutaneous fat, and eliminating toxins from the body.

Thermogel energizes your body. In addition to aiding in detox, natural oils like peppermint and arnica help soothe sore muscles and give you a boost of energy.


Thermogel can be used on its own, but pairing it with our osmotic wrap helps increase product effectiveness. The osmotic wrap helps the body absorb the gel and trap body heat, thereby increasing thermal energy (and amplifying the detox process).

Some customers put Thermogel and the osmotic wrap on before engaging in physical activity (jogs, salsa class, etc.) while others find it easy and comfortable to use for more "relaxed" activities, like watching TV, cooking, or surfing the web.



For best results we recommend incorporating Thermogel into your daily routine, completed with healthy eating and regular exercise. To help you stay on top the “other stuff”, we’re constantly updating our exclamation board and blog with the best tips, recipes, and workouts to keep you living your life in exclamation!




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